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Chapter 1


Selena; a Blond, blue eyed, white girl

Sera; Brown haired, Little Mexican

Walking down the hall into the throne room

Ser.:My Lord! My Lord

The servant falls through the big double doors

The dark lord is sitting on his throne, with his wrist against his head, watching his servant fall in

DL: What is it Ser (His name also happens to be ser)

Ser: We are sure to have won

DL: I know I mean, I am are sitting on the queen’s throne

The dark lord then stood up and walked out of the castle into the courtyard, Ser followed

Ser: What will we do with the Queen

DL: Sell her, I don’t like her, and I don’t want to see among the crew having their fun

Ser: Understood, and of her daughter 

The darklord walking to a wall covered with women, stops and turns to Ser in surprise

DL: She has a daughter!? Oh man let me see her

Ser: There’s no need she’s hiding from you, she’s been hiding in the upper walls of the castle

The dark lord continues walking to the corner

DL: Then find a way to bring her attention here, and have the men finish up outside

Ser: Understood

A few hours later

Along the corner are several women dressed in different outfits, most are nuns, and the dark lord is join by his legion of imps, being they are little, red, and are only up to the dark lord’s knee

DL: Hehehehehahahaha, NOW! My beauties don’t be scared soon you will feel pleasure

Green shirt lady: Pleasure?

DL: Yes I’m sure some of you have heard of children are made right?

Nun 1: What are you planing!?

DL: A reward, Heheheheh, Have at it my imps your brothers died for this!

The legion, began smiling across the hoard, then they all started jumping towards and on the women, as the imps proceeded to go in all the girls, the dark lord notices all the girls have been losing clothes, one by one, and he saw all of them with different bodies,chests, and hips and other

DL(Shouting): My dear lady! I know you’re watching, please if you want this to stop just surrender!

The dark lord watches as the imps begin to tear the women apart, using different positions sticking their penises in and out the women and different place, some aren’t even doing that, some are pulling on their tits, licking their cheeks, butts and faces too, the dark lord then found one girl on her lonesome, she was cute girl, with curly short hair, she also looks a gardener with her brown apron untouched, he wondered why, the girl was looking around looking scared

DL: Hey guys why is she untouched

Imp 1: We don’t know, do you want one us to get her boss?

DL: no I’ve got this

The dark lord then walked up to the girl, as he approached she started shaking, when he got up to the girl, she peed, there was so much it could be seen through the apron as it turned a darker shade of brown from the waist down to her thigh, the dark lord sighed

DL: Now look at yourself, you’ve gone and wet yourself 

The dark lord raised his hand and place it on the girl’s head and began stroking her curly hair

Imp 5: Look boys the lord is up to it again, taking a girl for himself again

The Imps stopped for a moment to look and continued to fuck the women, the dark lord took off her apron leaving just the green shirt and pants

DL(whispering): Listen, don’t be afraid, I’ll take you away and you can live in luxury with me and other women like you

The girl stopped shaking and looked up and the dark lord who casted a shadow over the girl, then he placed his near the girl’s crotch and rubbed it slowly, continuing through both the cloth and pee, the girl held onto the dark lord’s arm as he rubbed, and moaning in pleasure, while rubbing he noticed the princess from atop the castle wall, he turn his and head

DL(Shouting): now if you would kindly

Princess(Crying): I surrender okay,

DL: All right boys finish up! You can finish the rest in the dungeons or in streets I don’t care

The dark lord lets go of the girl and takes out his sword and cuts chains locking the girl to the wall

DL(Shouting):Princess! You and this girl will come to the throne room to be handled, the rest of you! Handle the girls normally!

The Imps finished cumming over all the women and begin unchaining them and taking them inside the castle to the dungeon, Ser rejoins the dark lord as the dark lord walks back into the castle throne room, he finds both the girl and the princess in the room as he walks to the throne and sits on it

DL: Princess you look older than when saw you with this girl, how old are you?

Princess: I’m nineteen

DL: And your name?

Princess: Selena

DL: You girl, name and age

Referring the green haired girl he was touching, she jumped in surprise

Girl: Sera and I’m 16 sir!

DL(resting his head on his wrist): Selena and Sera, I’ll try to remember them, you are with me now

Selena: What of my people!

DL: Men slaughtered, they fought bravely, but I commend them for their idiotic sacrifice

Selena gasped at hearing this

DL: Women turned into sex slaves, and children are being raised by harpies to make into the army

Selena: So now what?

DL: Get up you have free roam as long you don’t break my trust and betray me, we’re cool, though your kingdom is now a public brothel for my men and other kingdoms

Selena: What!

DL: Get used to it, I’ll be taking you back to my main kingdom, once we’re situated and you can meet the other girls, like Sera and yourself

Sera: Is it true that they live and luxury?

DL: Yes, though if I ask of it I request that do it, unless you have a reason

Sera: I fear for the others

DL: What you saw today was just a bath compared to the rainstorm I have for this world, enjoy what you can

Sera: yes, sire, or is there something else you prefer to be called?

DL: hmm, didn’t think about it before, how about Sever?

Sera: excellent, right Selena?

Selena is unanswering, only with her head down in shock of what her former kingdom will become, Sever gets up and walks over to Selena, takes a knee and places his hand on Selena’s chin, and raises it to kiss her, the kiss is sensual from Sever, but not from Selena, then he bring his tongue in and she stops fighting it, when they stop and part lips, Sever sits down in the throne again

Sever: You may not like me now, but your positions are good compared to everyone else right now, serve me and I will take care of you

Sera: right lord Sever

Selena(pouting): yes lord Sever

Author's note: Some people might recognize the plot this story was inspired from, so have fun with that.


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